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Virtual Tours

Anyone who has been through the experience of finding a property to buy or rent knows it is an extremely inefficient process. Potential buyers/tenants may find good-looking listings online, with pictures and further details on the property available, however this almost always still requires physical viewings costing time, energy and money (for both the client and the agent).

The introduction of virtual reality (VR) is helping solve these problems, benefiting all parties involved. Through VR technology and virtual tours, people can visit dozens of properties a day without leaving their homes. Consumers can experience an immersive, three-dimensional walk through of properties with tours and experiences ranging from guided visits to interactive virtual staging (where one place virtual furniture in a space). Ultimately, both consumers and agents benefit greatly from VR technology. Consumers are able to find their perfect property from anywhere in the world while agents have the opportunity to grow their businesses, target a much wider audience and deliver top-level services.