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Tenant Experience

The commercial real estate industry is undergoing a major structural change in the way landlords are providing offerings to tenants. This new concept focused on “Tenant Experience” is redefining traditional roles, with commercial landlords changing from so called rent collectors to service providers. WeWork is one of the best examples driving innovation in this space, offering “space-as-a-service” with a focus on community and a shared economy.

Key points:

  • Everything starts with the experience, including the way the building is designed
  • Instead of just providing space, landlords are now offering a range of services such as fully furnished offices, communal services (e.g. wifi, and cleaning), and even shared staff members (e.g. receptionists)
  • Focus is on adding value to the tenant so that they can concentrate on their business and not the administrative aspects of running this
  • Companies are willing to pay more for an all-inclusive offer with a great tenant experience, giving up personal space for better and larger shared space
  • Great emphasis is put on creating a communal environment which everyone wants to be a part of, key to attracting the next generation of tenants (millennials)

Startups in this space are focusing on:

  • Bookings (for rooms, desks, parking spots, etc)
  • Hot Desks
  • Calendar Integration
  • Indoor Navigation
  • Smart Parking
  • Package Management & Delivery
  • Building/floor/room access
  • Guest Access
  • Wifi networks