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  • Deutsche Assets
    Buy Sell & Rent, Tech-Enabled Brokerage, Transaction Management
    Redefining professional real estate transactions
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  • Tiny Dweller
    Invest & Finance, Manage & Operate, Management & Collaboration Tools, NextGen Hospitality, Transaction Management
    The future of homeownership
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  • Stoa Fund
    Buy Sell & Rent, Invest & Finance, Loan Management
    Effective one stop shop for real estate developers.
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  • Homes Living
    Buy Sell & Rent, Home Search
    Rent a beautifully furnished home in seconds.
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  • Salamandra Zone
    Energy Management, Manage & Operate
    Impacting the well-being and safety of urban communities by purifying air
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  • Veev
    Advanced Building Methods, Manage & Operate, Plan & Build, Smart Home
    Reinventing the way homes are built and experienced while working together to solve housing shortages around the world.
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  • Tiltus
    Buy Sell & Rent, Home Search, Transaction Management
    tiltus is connecting home buyers and sellers in digital platform which is designed for a new era of…
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  • REDAH Informatics Limited
    Manage & Operate, Operational Data & Analytics
    REAL ESTATE DATA ANALYTICS HUB - Value and Risk Monitoring of the real estate market based on one's…
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  • Prosperty
    Buy Sell & Rent, Commercial Search, Home Search, Tech-Enabled Brokerage, Transaction Management
    We change the way you buy, sell and rent properties through tech and data-enabled innovation and services.
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  • Tulu
    Manage & Operate, NextGen Rentals & Coliving, Property Management, Tenant Experience
    We are an in-building smart platform that provides tenants with on-demand access to appliances, grocery staples, micro-mobility devices,…
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  • RealIntegral
    Data & Valuation, Invest & Finance
    Advanced Real Estate AI Analysation.
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  • Matter Software
    Buy Sell & Rent, Virtual Tours
    Matter is aimed at increasing the sale of real-estate properties by providing innovative visualization tools.
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  • YoKartz
    Manage & Operate, Tenant Experience
    We are a cart-sharing proptech for apartment residents
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  • HomeHero
    Maintenance Services, Manage & Operate, Tenant Experience
    HomeHero is a VC-backed startup transforming how people manage their homes.
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  • TechPrefab
    Advanced Building Methods, Construction Marketplaces, Green Building, Management & Collaboration Tools, On-Site Execution, Plan & Build, Planning & Design Tools, Prefab Building, Smart Building
    Prefab builder powered by collaboration software.
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  • Paraspot
    Buy Sell & Rent, Home Search
    Paraspot’s mission is to create the most thorough, informative and accessible one-stop-shop real estate platform for homeseekers, homeowners…
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