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  • Urban Dashboard
    Management & Collaboration Tools, Plan & Build
    Urban Dashboard develops an AI-powered decision support platform for smarter and faster urban planning and design.
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  • Homaze
    Virtual Tours
    Online Quote Optimization for Home Renovation
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  • Flytrex
    Manage & Operate
    Flytrex is building the world's first drone based delivery service
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  • GetPlace
    Agent Tools & Services, Buy Sell & Rent, Home Search, Tech-Enabled Brokerage, Travel & Vacation Search
    Apartment Rental Matching Solution
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  • iForm
    Advanced Building Methods, Plan & Build, Planning & Design Tools, Smart Building
    I-Form Technologies Ltd. is engaged in the development of construction execution technologies.
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  • Foldstruct
    Advanced Building Methods, Plan & Build, Planning & Design Tools, Smart Building
    Foldstruct bridges the gap between iconic design and feasible fabrication, allowing complex forms to be created using robotic…
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  • iintoo
    Alternative Financing, Equity Investments and Crowdfunding, Invest & Finance
    iintoo is a social investment network, specializing in exit-oriented real estate investments. What was formerly exclusive to the…
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  • Rootie
    Plan & Build, Planning & Design Tools
    Autonomous Maintenance and Monitoring Robots for Residential and Commercial Areas using Advanced Algorithms and AI.
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  • Patricia AI
    Plan & Build, Planning & Design Tools, Smart Home, Virtual Tours
    Meet Patricia, your private virtual design assistant. Patricia will learn your style and budget in order to guide…
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  • Sophyt
    Leasing & Asset Management, Maintenance Services, Manage & Operate, Operational Data & Analytics
    Complex technologies to make real estate sales simple
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  • iHarmoni
    Buy Sell & Rent, Invest & Finance, Loan Management
    End-to-end Commercial Real Estate Lending Solution
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  • BetterBot
    Leasing & Asset Management, Manage & Operate, Operational Data & Analytics, Tenant Experience
    A multifamily chatbot that improves lead quality and increases leasing velocity.
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  • HomeFlow
    Buy Sell & Rent, Tech-Enabled Brokerage, Transaction Management
    We empower first time home buyers with education and tools so that they can buy their home with…
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  • getStatus
    Manage & Operate, Tenant Experience
    Promoting urban renewal projects via public & private sector collaboration tech
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  • Landlord123
    Leasing & Asset Management, Maintenance Services, Manage & Operate, Tenant Experience
    Manage Your Rental Properties in a SINGLE APP
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  • AIA Architecture
    Plan & Build
    As the architecture and design world is moving forward to an automated and more digital ecosystem and the…
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