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  • Deutsche Assets
    Buy Sell & Rent, Tech-Enabled Brokerage, Transaction Management
    Redefining professional real estate transactions
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    Manage & Operate, NextGen Hospitality
    Ghost kitchens and technology for restaurants to thrive in the new food economy
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  • Prosperty
    Buy Sell & Rent, Commercial Search, Home Search, Tech-Enabled Brokerage, Transaction Management
    We change the way you buy, sell and rent properties through tech and data-enabled innovation and services.
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  • Matter Software
    Buy Sell & Rent, Virtual Tours
    Matter is aimed at increasing the sale of real-estate properties by providing innovative visualization tools.
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    Maintenance Services, Manage & Operate, Operational Data & Analytics
    Building analytics in operation
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  • Cemento
    Management & Collaboration Tools, On-Site Execution, Plan & Build
    AI Platform for Construction Projects
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  • Aura Air
    Energy Management, Manage & Operate
    Indoor air management System
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  • Willa City
    Manage & Operate, NextGen Rentals & Coliving
    Co-living Chain for Vibrant Midlifers and Empty Nesters
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  • Lombard Standard
    Data & Valuation, Digital Lenders & Brokers, Invest & Finance, Tech-Enabled Brokerage
    Global listing platform for off-market real estate investments. PropTech 3.0. Regulated by RICS.
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  • ProTenders
    Construction Marketplaces, Management & Collaboration Tools, Plan & Build
    Connecting Global Construction Procurement
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  • Planima
    Leasing & Asset Management, Manage & Operate, Operational Data & Analytics
    Reducing costs through smart maintenance planning
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  • Trusstor
    Management & Collaboration Tools, On-Site Execution, Plan & Build, Safety & Training
    The Future of Construction Intelligence.
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  • We Built This City
    Agent Tools & Services, Buy Sell & Rent
    The data-driven occupier marketplace, designed for commercial agents.
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  • Ecopilot Canada
    Maintenance Services, Manage & Operate, NextGen Hospitality
    Ecopilot is Artificial Intelligence for real-time HVAC energy efficiency delivering up to 40% in annual savings.
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    Indoor Navigation, Maintenance Services, Manage & Operate, Operational Data & Analytics
    The photorealistic digital twin for buildings and technical installations.
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  • Predicio
    Manage & Operate, Operational Data & Analytics
    We are a location data as a service provider. We help companies understand the behavior of mobile users…
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