Invest & Finance

For most people, the hurdles of purchasing investment real estate are too great and require significant capital, expertise and hard work.

Innovative real estate investment companies are solving this issue by giving investors the opportunity to purchase “shares” in a property or real estate project along with other tools, platforms and supporting services, making the entire investment process more transparent, efficient and accurate.

Plan & Build

Innovation in construction has always driven the industry forward, allowing for stronger, taller and more energy efficient structures, safer work sites and increased worker productivity. However, today, new technologies are being developed at record speed and getting much attention from construction professionals and the investment community alike.

What seemed like science fiction just a few years ago, technologies such as 3D printed homes, augmented and virtual reality, robots, drones and smart wearables are now being used on job sites across the world. Improved productivity, safety and training, and better collaboration are just the tipping point of the potential of new construction technologies.

Buy, Sell & Rent

Historically agents had all the power when it came to buying, selling or renting a property, being sought out by potential clients due to their access to stock, buyers, sellers etc. Technology has completely disrupted this industry, empowering consumers through a more efficient and transparent marketplace where they can now search for homes, offices, hotels and more online at the click of a button.

Today, clients expect a fast, seamless experience from start to finish. They want powerful search capabilities, a transparent brokerage process, and on-demand flexibility at every stage. Platforms continue to develop into much more than a simple marketplace, offering many added services such as location specific data, mortgages and even iBuying.

Manage & Operate

The real estate industry is undergoing a major structural change in the way landlords are providing offerings to tenants. This new concept focused on “tenant experience” is redefining the way we live, work and shop, with landlords changing from so called rent collectors to service providers.

Where possible, technology and data is used to rethink and automate processes. This is being used to identify and acquire real estate, design and furnish rooms/ units, manage day-to-day operations and more. Through better communication, management, and tenant focused offerings, technology is allowing for a much better tenant-landlord experience, benefiting all parties involved.