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    12 Results for Work Flow Management
  • Home365
    Manage & Operate, Property Management
    Property Management Reinvented
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  • Cloudbeds
    Management & Collaboration Tools, NextGen Hospitality, Property Management
    Award-winning platform designed to help hoteliers build revenue, save time and increase guest satisfaction.
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  • REDAH Informatics Limited
    Manage & Operate, Operational Data & Analytics
    REAL ESTATE DATA ANALYTICS HUB - Value and Risk Monitoring of the real estate market based on one's…
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  • POC Systems
    Manage & Operate, Property Management
    An intuitive graphical platform for smarter space management
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  • spaceOS
    Manage & Operate, Tenant Experience
    Tenant experience and management software
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  • PlanRadar
    Management & Collaboration Tools, Plan & Build
    PlanRadar is a cloudbased SaaS solution for construction documentation and defect management in real estate projects.
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  • Talox
    Agent Tools & Services, Buy Sell & Rent, Leasing & Asset Management, Manage & Operate
    A cloud software platform that optimizes leasing and asset management workflows and data for commercial real estate
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  • UpTop
    Manage & Operate, Property Management, Tenant Experience
    Managing rentals is a headache. We think it's time to change that. UpTop makes tenants and operators happy.
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  • BetterView
    Data & Valuation, Invest & Finance
    Risk management platform for buildings & properties
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  • Groundbreaker
    Investment management software for real estate
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  • DealSumm
    Agent Tools & Services, Buy Sell & Rent
    Lease Abstraction software leveraging artificial intelligence to analyze leases and other contracts and automatically create lease abstracts.
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  • PayLease
    Manage & Operate, Property Management
    Property managers use PayLease to improve their business’ operational efficiencies and boost net operating income.
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