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  • CloudScraper Exchange
    Data & Valuation, Invest & Finance
    Your Information Backbone for Cre Assets, Debt and Equity
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  • Cloud Kitchens
    Buy Sell & Rent, Other Space Search
    Smart kitchens for delivery-only restaurants
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  • Tenant Cloud
    Leasing & Asset Management, Manage & Operate
    Rental Accounting and Management Made Easy
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  • SAP Cloud for Real Estate
    Leasing & Asset Management, Manage & Operate
    Real Estate Management Software
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  • Cloud Agent Suite
    Agent Tools & Services, Buy Sell & Rent, Data & Valuation, Invest & Finance
    CMA for REALTORS and Real Estate Agents
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  • Cloud CMA
    Agent Tools & Services, Buy Sell & Rent
    Cloud CMA is the easy way to create amazing reports that help you write more offers and win…
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  • Console
    Maintenance Services, Manage & Operate, Tenant Experience
    Console Cloud is property management software made smarter It’s the cloud-based property management, trust accounting, and real estate…
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  • emproc SYS
    Leasing & Asset Management, Manage & Operate
    Increasing returns through digitalised cloud-based controlling in real estate
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  • BrainBox
    Smart Building
    Where commercial HVAC meets artificial intelligence.
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  • SwitchBee
    Manage & Operate, Smart Home
    SwitchBee’s Smart Home Solution offers a complete control of all electrical devices.
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  • Perceptive Things
    Manage & Operate, Property Management
    Perceptive Things reduces risk and enhances operations with building intelligence.
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  • PlanRadar
    Management & Collaboration Tools, Plan & Build
    PlanRadar is a cloudbased SaaS solution for construction documentation and defect management in real estate projects.
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    On-Site Execution, Plan & Build, Safety & Training
    AIRTEAM is an AI-powered software that converts aerial data into CAD models
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  • PlanGrid
    Management & Collaboration Tools, Plan & Build
    Mobile construction management software giving builders real-time access to blueprints, punch lists, daily reports, submittals and more. For…
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  • Goodlord
    Buy Sell & Rent, Title & Escrow
    Goodlord makes it easier to manage the pre-tenancy process while improving the experience of your landlords and tenants.
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  • JuJu Suite
    Agent Tools & Services, Buy Sell & Rent, Virtual Tours
    JuJu Suite is a cloud based solution for real estate developers
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