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    288 Results for real estate
  • AREX Real Estate Technologies
    Buy Sell & Rent, Transaction Management
    We aim to create a liquid, efficient and more transparent Real estate market.
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  • SAP Cloud for Real Estate
    Leasing & Asset Management, Manage & Operate
    Real Estate Management Software
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  • RealestateMY
    Leasing & Asset Management, Manage & Operate, Operational Data & Analytics, Tenant Experience
    Real Estate Marketing & Management Solutions
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  • RealtyBundles
    Equity Investments and Crowdfunding, Invest & Finance
    RealtyBundles is a crowdfunding platform for investments in real estate portfolios around the globe
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  • RealIntegral
    Data & Valuation, Invest & Finance
    Advanced Real Estate AI Analysation.
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  • Realquantum
    Buy Sell & Rent
    Realquantum helps commercial real estate valuation professionals eliminate tedious manual work and boost profits 50%.
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  • BReal
    Agent Tools & Services, Buy Sell & Rent, Home Search, Tech-Enabled Brokerage
    Revolutionary platform to sell, buy and rent real estate
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  • Real Matters
    Data & Valuation, Invest & Finance
    Real Matters provides property valuation, collateral risk management and data analytic services to the financial services industry.
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  • VivaReal
    Buy Sell & Rent, Home Search
    Online real estate marketplace
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  • RealMassive
    Agent Tools & Services, Buy Sell & Rent, Commercial Search, Data & Valuation, Invest & Finance
    RealMassive is the industry’s largest source of commercial property data that is updated in real time
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  • Realla
    Buy Sell & Rent, Commercial Search
    The commercial property search engine
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  • Real Vision
    Buy Sell & Rent, Virtual Tours
    Realvision provides real estate professionals one simple solution to get three powerful tools: beautiful HDR photos, floor plan,…
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  • Crowdestates
    Debt Crowdfunding, Invest & Finance
    The Peer to peer platform where lenders get access to established property developers and property developers get access…
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  • RealAsTech
    Data & Valuation, Invest & Finance
    RealAsTech is an automation platform that helps RE developers find the most profitable projects to invest in.
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  • REalyse
    Data & Valuation, Invest & Finance
    REalyse gives you access to the most comprehensive UK residential datasets in one platform. Reducing time wasted during…
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  • Realpage
    Leasing & Asset Management, Manage & Operate, Property Management
    RealPage offers property management software and real estate management software solutions for multifamily property, single family, senior, commercial…
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