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    30 Results for monitoring
  • Rootie
    Plan & Build, Planning & Design Tools
    Autonomous Maintenance and Monitoring Robots for Residential and Commercial Areas using Advanced Algorithms and AI.
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  • Daisy
    Manage & Operate, Property Management, Tenant Experience
    Reinventing the way people live together
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    Invest & Finance
    IN ProP is a software-based, smart and protected system that is simply linked to all the systems and…
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  • Syracuse
    Advanced Building Methods, Manage & Operate, Operational Data & Analytics, Plan & Build, Safety & Training
    An autonomous crane technology company.
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  • REDAH Informatics Limited
    Manage & Operate, Operational Data & Analytics
    REAL ESTATE DATA ANALYTICS HUB - Value and Risk Monitoring of the real estate market based on one's…
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  • Wint – Water Intelligence
    Energy Management, Manage & Operate
    Water Management and Control Solutions
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  • Aura Air
    Energy Management, Manage & Operate
    Indoor air management System
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  • RAPIDA Infrastructure Ltd.
    Leasing & Asset Management, Maintenance Services, Manage & Operate, Operational Data & Analytics
    RAPIDA is automated advanced sensing system powered by AI that inspects structures and buildings in real-time.
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  • Built Technologies
    Invest & Finance, Loan Management
    Powering Smarter Construction Finance
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  • GeoPhy
    Data & Valuation, Invest & Finance
    Real estate valuations engineered for the modern world
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  • SimpliSafe Home Security
    Manage & Operate, Smart Home
    Home Security Systems | Wireless Home Security
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  • Scout
    Manage & Operate, Smart Home
    Next-gen DIY home security that is sleek, smart, & affordable. Renters, welcome.
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  • Flo Technologies
    Green Building, Manage & Operate, Plan & Build, Smart Building, Smart Home
    Smart Home Water Leak Detection System with Automatic Shut Off
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  • Urbanise
    Manage & Operate, Property Management
    The Urbanise platform uses cloud technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) to completely reimagine service delivery to…
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  • eSight Energy
    Energy Management, Manage & Operate
    Our energy management platform provides resource and energy intelligence for organisations to make data-driven decisions in their energy…
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  • TraceAir
    Advanced Building Methods, Plan & Build
    TraceAir monitoring software verifies and quantifies progress on your jobs reducing budget and schedule uncertainty
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