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    12 Results for Interior Design
  • Renovai
    Plan & Build, Planning & Design Tools
    Virtual, AI-based, interior designer
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  • Leaperr
    Plan & Build, Planning & Design Tools
    Autonomous artificial intelligence interior designer
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  • iMeasure
    On-Site Execution, Plan & Build
    Camera-based measurement technology
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  • Magicplan
    Create floor plans simply with the camera of your mobile device. Scan a room in up to 30…
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  • Rollinom
    Plan & Build, Planning & Design Tools
    We're building the technology to let anyone create, design and share online interactive 3D property models
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  • InnoDraw
    Plan & Build, Planning & Design Tools
    InnoDraw develops and provides electronic measuring and templating services for the construction industry.
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  • Knotel
    Flexible Workplace & Coworking, Manage & Operate
    Knotel is the world’s leading flexible workspace provider that gets, fits, fills and manages space for customers.
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  • Rooomy
    Buy Sell & Rent, Virtual Tours
    Virtual Staging & 3D Modeling and Rendering
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  • Ollie
    Manage & Operate, NextGen Hospitality, NextGen Rentals & Coliving
    All inclusive coliving platform providing fully-furnished shared microstudios and shared suites with hotel-style services, extraordinary amenities, and community
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  • Sweet Inn
    Buy Sell & Rent, Travel & Vacation Search
    Upscale vacation apartments with hotel services for tourists and business travelers.
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  • Casa Duro Inc.
    Advanced Building Methods, Green Building, Plan & Build, Prefab Building, Smart Building
    Casa Duro’s resilient modular building system, adaptable for all climates
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  • BIM Object
    Management & Collaboration Tools, Plan & Build
    BIMobject corporation work for the Building product and interior manufacturers and create digital replicas of their products as…
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