UKAA Annual Conference and Dinner 2019

UKAA Annual Conference and Dinner 2019

Date and time
Tuesday, 31 October, 20199:00am - 11:00pm
Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square, Mayfair, W1K 6JP, London, United Kingdom

Conference – A life in a day: Build To Rent from Idea to Stabilisation
As the Build To Rent sector starts to deliver in scale, we take you through the maze of tough and complex decisions that lead to a successful scheme.

Join us to find out how to make BTR work in a unique day of workshops, competitive sessions and in depth information sharing.
Play the BTR Game

We have challenged three multi-disciplinary multi- company teams to each spend two months creating a virtual Build To Rent scheme. They have taken an initial brief from idea, through design, construction and lease-up to stabilisation. We have “virtually” acquired three real sites across London and brought in some great tech from VU.CITY to make the game come to life. Real socio-economic data and a costing model keep the team honest as they face the constraints and choices that face BTR teams in real life.

In the first session you, the audience, are the investment committee, deciding which scheme you would support. You have to vote on two questions:
Which scheme would you invest in for long-term sustainable returns?
Which scheme would you most want to be associated with?

In the second session, the teams have to persuade you, as potential residents and employees to choose to live and work in their scheme. Each team will pitch their marketing, employment, lease-up and placemaking strategies.

Again, you vote for your preferred scheme on two questions:
i) Which scheme would you choose to rent in?
ii) Which scheme would you want to work in?

Along the way they will be challenged by expert panels to justify their designs and strategies, and you will have the chance to ask questions and to gain further insight into the real issues facing us all in creating successful BTR schemes for our customers and colleagues.

Learn more in three hours than in three days at other conferences!
Break-out sessions
We have six breakout sessions to provide in-depth insights into the US Multifamily market, health and wellbeing in BTR, the psychology of your residents and much more.

The UK’s favourite BTR Schemes
HomeViews present the top 10 national BTR schemes as chosen by their residents.

Exhibition – The Best of the Build To Rent sector
Alongside the conference, we will be showcasing the best industry providers with the most interesting products, services and ideas. Discover the companies who can help you succeed!

UKAA Annual Dinner – The Evening after the Day Before
Following a day of hard learning, we invite you to relax with us over drinks and a delicious dinner. Discuss the events of the day and share your experiences with friends and colleagues old and new in a convivial and informal setting.