Proptech on the Bar: SPaaS

Proptech on the Bar: SPaaS

Date and time
Wednesday, 17 July, 20196:30pm - 9:00pm
Kanta Bar, Ibn Gvirol 71, Tel Aviv

PropTech Zone

Real Estate Technology Innovation Center

We are pleased to invite you to the second event from a series of Proptech sessions. As part of these meetings, we will host Israeli startup entrepreneurs who have already disrupted the real estate worlds and will receive tips and tools for setting up startups in the field and its various ways of financing.

On this special evening, we will meet two Israeli startups who identified the need and set up projects that raised millions:
VENN has developed a platform that offers a new neighborly experience and combines living, shared spaces, connecting with local businesses, events and community activities aimed at connecting neighbors and encouraging real contributions.
The Selina hotel network offers a new concept of a social eco-system with the common goal of encouraging meaningful and authentic relationships between its guests.

David Schrez is co-founder, director of operations in Israel Europe, of VENN. After a joint service with the General Staff Patrol and activity in the worlds of education and impact, VENN together with Chen Avni and Or Bocovza established VENN. The goal of VENN is to create a new neighboring experience, one that allows to balance urban life with community life, personal growth and social involvement.
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Yossi Mautner is CEO of SELINA Israel, managing Selena’s entry strategy into the Israeli market, setting up, creating content and collaborating, as well as Selena’s ongoing hotel operation in Israel. Yossi is an attorney in education and for years was an entrepreneur in the Tel Aviv restaurant and nightlife industry. He founded the “Maoz” bar in King George and is one of the founders of the group’s longtime nightlife group.
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